Superstitions are like those “just get the point, don’t ask me questions” moments. Remember those superstitions that Mommy and Daddy asked you follow without any particular reason, as a child? And you never bothered to question them, because somehow you felt that life was running kickass for you. Well, it’s time to let the truth unfold.

Black Cat Crossing Your Path Is A Bad Omen

Because if the cat stopped to do the Gangnam Style dance, that would probably scar you for life.

Don’t Sweep The Floor After Evening

Because it’s a pain getting rid of those Tequilla shot stains. No? *hic*

Shaking Your Legs And Sitting On A Chair

Chill. It won’t bring bad luck. It’s just an early indication of a mental disorder or a nervous breakdown.

Hiccups Mean Someone Is Missing You

It’s not like hiccups are the equivalent of Facebook notifications. Your throat receives a message: Pamela Anderson is missing you.

You Shouldn’t Cut Your Nails Post Sunset

Because apparently when the nails drop, insects don’t have a flashlight in the dark to avoid stepping on them.

Never Ask Someone “Where are you going?” Before They Leave Home

B ecause it makes the person anxious. What if they bump into Arnab Goswami on the way?


Never Use Your Left Hand To Handle Money Or Food

Because I don’t know where your left hand’s been, bro.

Women Should Serve Their Husbands Food First And Then Eat

Because women want to remain slimmer, so they’re more than happy to feed their husbands all that oily food. I’m being sarcastic.

It’s A Bad Omen To Step Into A New House With Your Left Leg First

Yeah, because the genie from Aladdin will grant all your wishes if you step in with your right leg first. Then shuffle and do the tango. Followed by a short tap dance, and 7 backflips for the finale. Good luck.

Wearing A Black/Yellow/Red/Orange Band On Your Right Wrist Brings Good Luck

No wonder they designed those ‘Livestrong’ & Fitbit bands in yellow and black.

If there are any superstitions you believe and have brought you good luck, share with me on Twitter- @zoran24x7 .

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