Aamir Khan’s statements on intolerance sparked a debate across the nation, but in this Jabalpur home it might have gone a little too far, with a woman committing suicide after a fight with her husband over the issue.

Aamir Khan | Source: Reuters

Mayank Pandey, a resident of Jabalpur in Madhya Paradesh, and his wife Sonal were discussing Khan’s comment and it reportedly led to an an altercation, resulting in the woman walking away in anger and locking herself in a room.

Mayank later heard screams from the room and discovered that she had consumed poison, reported The Times of India .

He reportedly then rushed her to a local hospital but doctors there were unable to save her. The police is now reportedly investigating the suicide by recording statements by other family members and have also sent the body for an autopsy.

Representational image | Source: PTI