‘Social distancing’ is the one word everyone in the world is using these days. But it seems that its importance is yet to be imbibed in people.

Despite rules and regulations in place, we are witnessing incidents of violation of social distancing norms every now and then.

The Wire

Recently, pictures of a crowd from Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh went viral on the internet.

According to ANI, people here had gathered in large numbers to welcome Jain monk Pramansagar.

Now while breaking social distancing norms is itself problematic, what’s more shocking is the statement of the local police. Speaking to ANI, ASP Sagar, said:

Directions given to investigate & take action against organizers if social distancing norms & section-144 were violated.

Twitter was quick to point out that there are no ifs and buts and the pictures clearly show violation of social distancing.

It’s high time we learn to prioritise social distancing over everything else.