People are using all possible means to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. While some are coming up with creative slogans for the protests, others are using their personal events to show their resentment.

Amina Zakiah, a postgraduate student of Jamia University, decided to use anti-CAA and anti-NRC placards at her wedding. She had been a part of the protests regularly, even two days before her wedding.


While the bride and groom held placards rejecting CAA and NRC, the rest of the family held posters of revolutionary poems by Faiz and Habib Jalib.

In conversation with Hindustan Times, Amina explained the reason behind this decision. She said:

Being a student of Jamia and a concerned citizen of this country, I had to use my wedding as a platform to raise my voice against the National Register of Citizens and discriminatory CAA as it will affect the secular fabric of our country.

Her family spoke to the groom’s family about this form of protest a day before the wedding and they agreed readily.

Violence at Jamia broke out during the final phase of their wedding preparations and this is when Amina’s family came up with the novel idea.