Japan, which had hunted whales for centuries had been long arguing to be allowed to hunt whales as their meat has cultural significance. Now that it has been confirmed, their mother boat Nisshin-maru and two support boats will reportedly start catching minke, Bryde’s and sei whales.  

In rather disappointing news, Japan has resumed commercial whale hunt after a three-decade-long ban and amidst international opposition.        


According to reports, the whaling community has already commenced hunting operations and have already brought one whale to shore.      

The country will no longer go to the Antarctic for its much-criticized annual killings but will travel within its 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone (EEZ).        


Japan’s Chief Secretary added that they will resume this process today and mentioned,

It is in line with Japan’s basic policy of promoting sustainable use of aquatic living resources based on scientific evidence. Regrettably, we have reached a decision that it is impossible in the IWC to seek the coexistence of states with different views. 

This decision was opposed by the environment group Greenpeace stating that ocean life is already under threat due to pollution. The Executive Director of Greenpeace Japan added

The declaration today is out of step with the international community, let alone the protection needed to safeguard the future of our oceans and these majestic creatures. The government of Japan must urgently act to conserve marine ecosystems, rather than resume commercial whaling. 

People of Twitter are outraged and disappointed over this barbaric act. 

Japan had switched to ‘research whaling’ after the IWC had imposed a ban on commercial whaling in the 1980s, but the country had suggested that the ‘whale stocks’ had recovered enough to continue with commercial whaling in December 2018.