It comes as no surprise that billionaires have a ton of money at their disposal. 
Some spend their money to hire personal photographers and helpers while others spend their wealth on really unusual things. Confused?

Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese fashion tycoon is going to give away $9 million (₹65 crores approx) to his Twitter followers to see if this money can help in boosting their happiness.

According to News18, this is a social experiment that he is going to conduct. Yusaku will be choosing 1000 followers at random from those who retweeted a January 1 post. 

He will give away 1 million yen each (6,49,728 approx) to all those who are chosen for the experiment that will be tracked through regular surveys. 

As per reports by CNN Business, the billionaire said the winners can choose to spend the money in anyway they like but, they will have to answer regular questionnaires about how they are spending it. 

Yusaku is reportedly going to be the first passenger to fly around the moon with Elon Musk’s SpaceX. He is also known for spending money lavishly on art and sports cars.

People on Twitter were surprised and delighted to hear this news and most of them thanked him for his kind gesture.

Only time will tell if this experiment will be a success or not but we are sure the lucky winners will be on cloud nine after receiving the money.

What are your thoughts on this social experiment?