I love you to the moon and back. For the longest time, people have used this line to express their feelings for someone they adore. It basically means boomerang love, which is the purest of all.

But who would have thought that it will be possible for humans to actually go to the moon and come back with their lover?

Well, it is very much a possibility now and Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa is looking for a partner, for the same. 

Maezawa, who apparently broke up recently, posted about the requirement to find the ‘first woman’ to travel to the moon. And people have someopinions about it.

However, this is where the funny part ends because Maezawa’s requirements for a partner are neither specific nor exactly sensible.


The trip, organised by SpaceX, is scheduled for 2023. Maezawa and his partner will (if he finds one), travel on the ‘Starship’ – the spacecraft which is to be used for the voyage to space.

Well, everything was fine and then the guy said he wants someone ‘always positive’. Aise kaise hoga?