Every artwork has a story to tell. Metal, wood, glass and whatnot, artists all over the world use different materials to chisel out their art sculptures. However, there is one Japanese artist who collects suitable stones from the river near his house and turns them into light-hearted sculptures.

Meet Hirotoshi Itoh. He is a stonemason.

A 1982 graduate of Tokyo National Fine Arts University, Itoh alters the natural forms of the stones into fascinating sculptures and gives them a different character altogether.

While Itoh returned to creating tombstones, memorials, and religious statuary, taking forward his family’s stone masonry business just after graduation, he used his imagination during his free time to create these unconventional stone sculptures.

Hirotoshi Itoh’s mind-bending artwork comes with a dash of surprising humour which makes these stones look soft and flexible. 

Aren’t these extraordinary?

Simply amazing!

All images sourced from Jiyuseki | Deviant Art.