Covid-19 has impacted many business around the world and people are trying to sustain themselves in these tough times by coming up with new ideas.

Some really wacky ideas.

For instance, the North Safari Sapporo Zoo in Japan, which is giving out jeans ripped by lions in exchange of a donating 70,000 JPY (roughly ₹50,000).

The zoo even put out the poster for the same.

The text on it says:

The North Safari Sapporo Zoo is in a state of emergency. Help! We’ve been affected by the coronavirus. We would need your support!

They are providing other offers, too. Like:

Coaster made from beaver-gnawed wood – 3,000 JPY(₹2117)
Pair of real parrot-feather earrings – 5,000 JPY (₹3529)
Pair of shedded-snakeskin earrings – 5,000 JPY (₹3529)
Painting made by a monkey, seal or goat – 7,000 JPY (₹4941)
Private livestream of an animal feeding of your choice – 10,000 JPY (₹7059)
Become head zookeeper for a day – 100,000 JPY (₹70593)
Sora News 24

That’s some way of making money.

We just hope that the animals aren’t put through any trouble because of this.