In a skirmish with Chinese troops on June 15, at least 20 of our brave soldiers sacrificed their lives in Galwan Valley. Among the martyred, Havildar Sunil Kumar was considered to be one of them.

 But a call from Havildar Sunil Kumar himself cleared the air that he is very much alive! 

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As it turns out, this happened due to a mix-up with another soldier from the unit who had died in the faceoff on Monday night.

Havildar Sunil Kumar’s phone call from Ladakh, confirming his well-being brought a sigh of relief to his family who was in mourning. 

Before the call, people from Havildar Sunil Kumar’s native place, Dighra village in Saran distinct, were mourning the loss and honouring his sacrifice for the country. 

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Local politicians, as well as MLA Chandrika Rai, also gathered at Havildar Sunil Kumar’s house to give condolences. Not just that, his family even starting making arrangements to take the slain’s body to his hometown. 

According to reports, Havildar Sunil Kumar’s army unit had informed his brother, Anil, regarding the mix-up, and confirming his well-being to him on Wednesday afternoon. But the family was unaware until he called them. 


Menaka, Havildar Sunil Kumar’s wife was greatly relieved to hear her husband on the phone and stated that: 

I burst out with joy as I had no doubt that it was Roshini’s father’s voice speaking on the other side. I have spoken to my husband over phone. God has given me a new lease of life.

The conference call was specially arranged by Havildar Sunil Kumar’s army unit. 

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After almost losing Havildar Sunil Kumar to getting him back, we are glad that he is alive and thank him for his valour!