You may be under a rock or stuck on an island if you are unaware of Jeff Bezos touring India. 

The Amazon CEO attended SMBhav – a convention for small and medium business – and interacted with startup and business owners, sharing his success mantra to climb new heights in the eCommerce industry.


During his interaction with Amazon India Chief Amit Agrawal, Bezos started by talking about his initial days and how he convinced himself to leave his job for the sake of starting something big, something that’ll turn a lot of heads. 

He explained the initial confusion he had. 

Wanting to avoid any regrets when he grows old was one motivation Bezos had to push himself towards something new and had this logic behind the decision that he ultimately took. 

Further advising entrepreneurs on how to properly scale their business once they’ve started, Bezos explained the key to stay in the business. 

He explained: 

Talking of picking the right human resource in the right position, Bezos spoke about realizing a person’s potential and advised entrepreneurs to look for people who can teach something apart from taking away key lessons. 

Sharing tips on how to handle failure and learn from one’s mistakes, Bezos spoke swiftly about experimenting and the extent to which one can experiment with his/her business ideas. 

He said: 

Explaining a second kind of failure, he told his audience: 

Ending on an important note, Bezos said it is alright to be self-critical and to analyze your mistakes from the past. 

He believed acknowledging a mistake is the first step towards rectification and said: 

Before the event, Bezos announced that Amazon plans to invest $1 billion in Indian small businesses over the next five years.

*Images included in this article are screenshots from this video