The hooliganism continues with another incident of a disgusting balloon attack on unsuspecting passersby. 


This time a student of Jesus and Mary College, Delhi claims she was attacked by a group of men who threw the balloon at the girl traveling on a bus.

Before she could react to what had happened to her and take action, the bus started moving. Most co-passengers remained unperturbed while one woman laughed and dished out the age-old phrase Bura na maano beta, Holi Hai.

After she reached home and examined the balloon, she found hardened white patches that confirmed to her that it was semen.

She relays the incident and her shock through a Facebook post.

The faculty of the JMC college has staged a protest outside police headquarters in the city.

This incident follows a recent attack on LSR students who, too, were targeted by balloons allegedly filled with semen.

The girl who threw these balloons had submitted a written apology. And though the contents of the balloon cannot be confirmed, the act of attacking people cannot be justified. Neither can many acts of inappropriate behavior that become the norm on Holi.