Meet Ramjal Meena, a 34-year-old security guard at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), who has managed to crack the university’s entrance exam to pursue his dreams.

Hustling to prepare for the exam by working between- and after-duty hours, Meena, cleared the entrance for admission into BA Russian (Hons).

Hindustan Times

Hailing from Rajasthan’s Karauli, Meena has been working as a security guard at JNU since 2014. He said

What makes JNU different is that people here do not believe in social hierarchy. Everyone — teachers and students — encouraged me; now they congratulate me. I feel like I have become famous overnight.

He attended a government school in his village, but had to discontinue his education later. The nearest college was 20-30 km away and he had to help his father as well. Before coming to JNU, he even worked as a daily-wage labourer to arrange the wedding of his three sisters. 

Last year, he completed his graduation in Political Science, History, and Hindi through distance learning from a Rajasthan University. 

India Times

However, the regret of not joining a regular college stayed with him until now. When he saw the academic environment of the university, his dream was revived.

Earning Rs 15,000/month, he managed to study by following newspaper apps on his phone and the students also helped him with PDF notes.

Navbharat Times

He wants to study Russian to widen his scope to achieve great things and visit foreign countries-

I have heard those who study foreign languages get to visit foreign countries. Moreover, I want to try my luck in civil services.
Ramjal Meena with his family | Navbharat Times

However, being the sole-earner of his household, that includes his wife and three daughters, there are financial issues. Although he has said that he’ll attend classes during daytime and work night shifts. 

Naveen Yadav, JNU chief security officer, has added that they are very proud of him and will extend all help possible.

H/T – Hindustan Times.