In an unfortunate turn of events last evening, we all received the news of an attack inside the JNU campus somewhere around 6 PM. 

There were reports that around 50 people with covered faces, entered the boys and girls wing of a hostel and started beating students and teachers with iron rods. 

This left some of them, including JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh, seriously injured. 

Now, that is factual information we have gathered from news coverage. The incident takes a whole new colour, if you take into account the trauma of students who were still inside the campus when the attack happened.

The students, who were hiding inside other hostels. 

The students, who were finding safe spaces to protect themselves from miscreants who were allegedly carrying acid. 

The students, who could clearly see people from a certain background and community being singled out. 

To understand things better, we talked to some students who were present inside the campus when the incident happened. And the answers are as scary as they are unfortunate.

The students wished to keep their identities hidden, hence we have refrained from naming them.

It has been almost 24 hours and not even a single person has been arrested by the police, as I write this article, despite ample evidence and eyewitnesses’ accounts. 

That leaves us with a lot of questions, that the students have already raised. How did the goons enter the JNU premises? How did they manage to damage the property and hurt people? Why didn’t the police take any action? Why are they STILL not taking action?a

For more perspective on the matter, you can watch ScoopWhoop Unscripted’s video JNU on the masked mob violence.