The students of JNU must take an oath of protecting the shine of India’s pride and nationality, a BJP MP said day while supporting a demand by the Vice Chancellor to install a battle tank inside the campus. 

Meenakshi Lekhi, raising the issue during zero hour in the Lok Sabha, also criticised attempts to create a “controversy” following the call by the Jawaharlal Nehru University vice chancellor Jagadesh Kumar to install the tank.

b’Meenakshi Lekhi said xe2x80x9canti-Indiaxe2x80x9d slogans like xe2x80x98India will be brokenxe2x80x99 were raised inside the campus and such activities cannot be allowed to continue. Source PTIxc2xa0′

“It is very unfortunate. A controversy is being created following the vice chancellor’s views. The JNU is run by tax-payer’s money. Anti-India slogans were raised inside the campus. It is an insult of those protecting the border,” Lekhi said. The BJP MP from Delhi said the JNU students should take an oath that they will protect the country’s pride and nationality.

Justifying the JNU vice chancellor’s demand, she said replica of aircraft were installed at various places including schools and students find them very interesting. “There was an aircraft in my son’s school. It was encouraging for the students. There is nothing wrong in the VC’s demand,” she said.

b’JNU VCxc2xa0Dr M Jagadesh Kumar has recently sent the proposal to install army tank in the campus to invoke the feeling of patriotismxc2xa0among the students. Source PTI’

On July 16, while participating in an event at the JNU to celebrate the Kargil Vijay Divas, requested minister of state for external affairs V K Singh to install a tank inside the campus.

JNU VC Suggests Installation Of ‘Army Tank’ On Campus To Inspire Students

The JNU VC’s demand drew widespread criticism from a number of political parties as well as some students of the university. During the zero hour, YSR Congress MP Renuka Butta demanded intervention by the central government in probing the drug racket busted recently in Hyderabad.

She alleged that a number of high-profile people may have been involved in the racket and there must be thorough investigation into it. She said children and youth were being dragged into the racket and added that drugs can even be ordered online. “It is a very serious problem,” she said.