Unless you’re Snoop Dogg’s personal assistant, getting high on the job is usually looked down upon. With the onset of legal cannabis in different parts of the world however, job profiles haven’t just changed, they’re actively peaking. 

A weed delivery company in California called Emjay is going to pay one lucky summer intern $1000 a month to test over 600 (!) cannabis products. 

The products include flower, oil, pens, edibles, topicals, and more. The job will entail testing products and writing ‘descriptive, unique, and creative copy and reviews about a wide array of cannabis products’.


According to their website, the candidate must be ‘timely and attentive to detail’. Considering the job profile, that’s a hard ask.

Considering they have over 600 products, this intern would have to test and write about almost 5 products every hour. Yeah, good luck with that.

To apply, you have to send a 1-page writing sample or a video that’s exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds long (we’re not making this up).


Either way, the job offer’s getting a whole lot of attention online, ‘cos the pay might be pretty sweet, but the benefits are sky high!