On one hand the number of coronavirus cases are rising in India at an alarming rate but on the other, the country is unlocking in a phased manner. 

Among other things that have been allowed to resume operations/re-open, gardens and parks have also been given the green signal to re-open.


Speaking of which, after gardens and parks were ordered to re-open by the Municipal Corporation in Vadodara, joggers and morning walkers at Sayaji Baug garden celebrated by lighting up firecrackers. 

I have two questions here. Firstly, what about social distancing? And, secondly what was the point of bursting firecrackers, was that really necessary?

Well, just because the parks, metros and restaurants are opening up again, doesn’t mean everything is normal. The coronavirus very much exists but, people seem to conveniently forget about it. 

Creating noise pollution and air pollution for re-opening of parks and celebrating as if life is back to normal, is just blatant ignorance. And, Twitter agrees too. 

We need to get our priorities straight. *Facepalm*

Please guys, stay the fuck inside!