An African-American man by the name of George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis after pleading for help by a US police officer who put his knee on his neck that prevented him from breathing. His death has sparked protests and riots across the United States.  

Amid these protests, actor John Cusack took to social media to report that he was attacked by the Chicago police by batons as he was recording a video of a burning car during these riots. 

The 2012 actor posted details of the incident on Twitter and captioned the Tweet with “Cops didn’t like me filming the burning car so they came at me with batons. Hitting my bike.” One could hear a man screaming ‘Get out of here’ in the video. 

After the said video, the actor posted a video claiming that some some peace officers gently tuned his bike with batons amid this protest. 

The actor also posted a video on Twitter which was similar to a scene from the movie Joker. Several people in New York surrounded a police car where many of them climbed over the car during the said protests. 

Peaceful and non-peaceful protests, riots and looting have occurred across the US in recent days following the killing of George Floyd.