Recently, comedian and late night talk show host John Oliver put out an almost 20-minute piece on the Modi regime in India, the rise of right-wing fascism, and how Indians deserve better than the discriminatory politics its in the throes of at the moment. 

This, of course, meant that Arnab Goswami, perceived by many as the propaganda mouthpiece of the right, didn’t take too kindly to it. In fact, he did a whole show lambasting Oliver. 

Oliver got Arnab’s goat so bad, Arnab went on a maniacal rant, referring to Oliver as ‘an ignoramus of exceedingly global proportions’ and a man who is ‘not even smart enough to be a satirist’. He ends by saying ‘John Oliver, you embarrass yourself’.

Kerala Kaumudi

Never one to back down from a squabble, especially with someone he considers ridiculous, Oliver took another potshot at Arnab, calling him the ‘Tucker Carlson of India’.

For those who aren’t aware, Tucker Carlson is a presenter on Fox News, which is considered the unofficial mouthpiece of the Trump Administration in the US. He is known for spewing the vilest statements, many of which don’t make any sense whatsoever (such as the threat of zombie raccoons). 

Houston on the Cheap

He also took the ’embarrassed yourself’ comment to another level, stating that no one embarrasses John Oliver more than John Oliver himself. 

Watch the video below!

Another thing that happened after the Modi episode, was that Hotstar took it down. Apparently, Hotstar has been editing or removing a bunch of his material, so Oliver aimed his cannons at them too.

This overseas argument is getting interesting. Let’s see if Arnab responds!