All of us at some stage of life must’ve been worried about what profession to choose and what to simply put aside. 

While a majority of people want their children to become doctors or engineers, a South Korean-American man, Jonny Kim, has surpassed those ordinary expectations by doing the unthinkable.

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Taking his career way too seriously, Jonny Kim is probably the first person in this world to become a fully-certified NASA astronaut before becoming a Harvard doctor and carrying out lessons as a Navy Seal. 

Yes, all three in one and that too before he turned 36 this year. 

Now an ex-Navy Seal, Kim is the first Korean-American who can now fulfill his dream of heading to space, reports CNN

He, along with 12 others, graduated last week from NASA’s Artemis Program meaning Kim can now participate in missions to the International Space Station, to the moon and even Mars.  


Coming from humble roots and being born to immigrant parents was hard enough a lesson for Kim to stay focused from the very beginning. 

After his parents migrated to America in the late 1980s Kim completed his graduation and then joined the Navy as a Seaman recruit. 


He went on to obtain the elite military status of a Navy SEAL and served as a combat medic, sniper and navigator on over 100 combat missions across the Middle-east.

Even after such an impressive start to his career, Kim wanted to achieve more and the hunger inside never really subsided. 

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To gain more worldly knowledge, Kim went on to earn his degree in mathematics at the University of San Diego and soon followed that up with a doctorate of medicine at Harvard Medical School. 


At the time of his selection in NASA’s elite program, Kim was already working as a resident physician at a hospital in Massachusetts. 

But he believes nothing comes to you easily and all things that are worthwhile are very difficult to obtain.