“Vice Chancellor has resigned. Let there be peace in the campus now,” said Mamata Banerjee before leaving the prestigious premises of the Jadavpur University, which has been witness to one of the most symbolic mass students’ revolution in recent Indian history.

The students started mobilising back in September, to protest against the molestation of a girl student and the lackadaisical approach of the college administration shown towards the girl and her family, with vice-chancellor Abhijit Chakroborty at the helm.

The circumstances gave birth to a name: #Hokkolorob (Let there be noise) and it reverberated through the minds, voices, Facebook and Twitter profiles of every single person involved.

Here’s our hat tip to the movement, and all those who participated in it, right from September 17, until sweet victory.

No More Deaf Ears

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All they asked for was an increased safety on campus and speedy justice for the woman. And when the Vice Chancellor turned a deaf ear, they were relentless in their peaceful ways for a solution.

And They Got Surprise Visitors Instead

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When the Vice-chancellor couldn’t get out of his office, the cops were summoned along with ‘Government goons’ to put pressure on the students.

The Government Should Be Afraid Of The People, Not Otherwise

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It was not any other day for students in Kolkata. They didn’t go to their respective colleges but headed to the streets instead. September 20, 2014 will forever be etched in their memories.

Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights

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There was rain but that didn’t stop them. They roared along with the clouds. And they were many.

Politicians Don’t Stand In The Doorways, There Is A Raging Battle Brewing Up

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Slogans like ‘Jadavpur, We are with you’ and’ We won’t rest until the culprits are punished and the Vice Chancellor resigns’ gained momentum among masses which unsettled the ruling class.

Writing On The Wall Was Clear

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This is just one of the many graffiti that captured the movement. This one shows the Vice-Chancellor’s mishandling of the situation giving rise to Hokkolorob movement. The writing on the wall says, “In front of the stick we stood, but our voice was not repressed and they couldn’t break our unity with their force.”

A Month After September 20, The Fire Was Still Burning

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A torch-rally by the students, who were also joined by their parents, commemorated one- month anniversary of the movement. Their demand was still the same: Vice-Chancellor must quit.

With The New Year, Their Intent Was Much Stronger

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Students went on a hunger strike for almost 160 hours. They were joined by their parents before the State started melting to their growing show of strength.

The Powerful Few Finally Wilt Down To The Power Of Many

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Victory tastes sweet when it comes after a long-drawn struggle. And when you look behind and see yourself as a part of the movement, be it physically, mentally or emotionally, your happiness knows no bounds. The writer would attest to this.

Were you part of the #Hokkolorob movement?

If you were, write in, with your experiences. We’d love to read them.