Remember New Year? Christmas celebrations? No? Me neither.

It all seems like a blur. Something that happened so long ago, that our brains are not even able to recollect all the memories.

Makes sense, too. The amount of stuff we have witnessed in the last 6 months can make anyone lose their mind.

And losing our minds we are. 

Adapting to a new way of life is not easy after all. And being isolated while doing that doesn’t help either. 

6 months. This is what they have looked like:


March mein aisa kuch nahin kiya jo April mein na kiya ho, and nothing happened in May that didn’t happen in June. 

Tab bhi ghar pe pade the, ab bhi ghar pe pade hain. 

Looking out the same window. 

Sleeping at the same time.

Eating more or less the same things.

Sending the same message to everyone:

 Kuch nahin chal raha yaar. Kya chalega?

At this point, we are just counting days to when this will all be over. That usually manifests itself in the form of this delusional statement, “Corona khatam ho, only parties then”.

But in our hearts we know, corona isn’t going anywhere for a while.

Which makes me think how much of this monotony can we take?

Things have reached a point where I now know the time at which pigeons and crows come to my balcony for a face-off. 

Gotta say, it’s quite interesting.

Probably the only interesting thing in my life right now. 

For the first two months of this nonsense, I tried to cheer myself up with coffee-sky pictures.

And also, sort of like, to prove that I am a hippie soul who can live however. 

It was all about calmness, peace, leaves, wind, the beauty of flowers, the shape of clouds.

…Ab main zameen pe ants count karti hun.

It’s also weird how these 6 months seem to have made us mature while not teaching anything specific.

You know? If you ask me what is my learning from last few months, I can’t say anything in particular.

But I feel like I have grown so much

Anyway, the real challenge is 6 more months of this torture before 2021 comes and hopefully changes things.

I mean, logically yeah, there is no guarantee that 2021 is going to be amazing, but I am pinning my hopes on it.  

And I am not into astrology but for once, I want to believe that stars do change alignment with each passing year and the next one will be less tough on us.

2020 was supposed to be the start of a new decade, but what we got were 6 months that seemed longer than 10 years. Enough of this.