One thing the people of Kerala are known for is being abled citizens who always lead the way. So, the Kerala Police set another excellent example by teaching how waste resources should be utilized.     

The cops in Cheruthuruthy, Thrissur, used the confiscated vehicles they had lying in the police station and are growing organic vegetables on them.

According to reports, one of the police officials involved in this work was also a farmer previously. So, he took care of the cultivation, while the other officials helped him in executing the entire process. 

Simpson PT, a civil police officer while speaking to The News Minute said, 

We had a few mini lorries that we had caught for sand and soil smuggling. Three months ago, we decided to cultivate vegetables in them. It was a successful attempt – we got our first harvest last week. We gave the vegetables to our police canteen. 

Twitter lauded this innovative initiative. 

After this successful attempt, the police officers plan to extend the project to other vehicles, too. In the first phase, they grew vegetables like ladies finger, beans, and spinach and are planning to add more to this list. 

We salute their efforts in utilising resources in such a manner and leading the way yet again.