Infrastructure and India are a consistently paradoxical area – money allotted for public projects are eaten up by the corrupt, the money left over is too little to do a decent job, corners are cut, and the end product is usually a structure that endangers people’s lives. And of course, it’s happened again.

Pictures shared on Twitter show an all but destroyed bridge that cost Rs 263 crore and was inaugurated just a month ago. A month!  

It’s a new low, that a bridge can’t even last a single month before it gives way, revealing the shoddy construction job done. It also raises questions over what happened to the money that was allotted to do a good job.

Understandably, people had questions about this.

It’s shocking how the people in power blatantly let terrible work like this continue under their very nose. It’s indicative of the sheer apathy that’s present at every level, wherein everyone gets a cut of the money at the cost of people’s lives.