Justin Bieber’s Instagram handle reads, ” Help change the world”. He’s definitely doing that. And a lot more. By posting a picture of himself — in the nude. His 32 million followers couldn’t be happier.

The butt naked Instagram post got 812,000 ‘Likes’. And just some 270,537 comments. Mostly from a crazed out crowd who just cannot believe their eyes. “DONT DELETE THIS, AIGHT?” commented @irene.tohee . We feel you.

So what’s all the fuss about? The 21-year-old bared his bottom as he stood with his back to the camera on the edge of a boat while vacationing in Bora Bora, Australia a couple of days back. Of course, he left his clothes behind.

‘Look!’ he captioned the snapshot, which showed him pointing at the land ahead. Why do I have a feeling that his fandom is admiring a different scenery altogether!


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Source: Instagram

That’s one cheeky shot! Bieber sure knows how to vacation. Now, how about you # TurnAroundJustin?

Obviously, Twitter went berserk:

Not everyone is a Belieber:

This Vine has got its priorities right:


This Twiterrati spent a lot of time getting the focus right:


Whattay full moon in paradise, Biebs! Whatever you do, don’t forget to apply sunscreen.