Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been setting major goals for general awesomeness ever since he was elected as the 23rd Prime Minister, the second-youngest in the history of Canada.

A breath of fresh air after Stephen Harper’s Conservative regime which lasted 9 years, Trudeau just showed world leaders how it’s done by naming a young and ethnically diverse cabinet- a ministerial team that for the first time in the country’s history is equally balanced between men and women.


The reason behind his decision to have a gender balanced, ethnically enriched cabinet was to ensure better representation for the culturally diverse Canada. “It’s important to be here before you today to present to Canada a cabinet that looks like Canada,” Trudeau said, after he was officially sworn is as Prime Minister along with the rest of his cabinet.

Trudeau has also ensured a generational change in representation, as the ministers – 15 women and 15 men – are mostly aged under 50.

When asked why he chose to name a gender-balanced cabinet, he had the most epic response: “Because it’s 2015!”

The female ministers on Trudeau’s cabinet have been allotted key roles. Maryam Monsef, who fled Afghanistan as a refugee 20 years ago, has been put in charge of the democratic reform portfolio. Chrystia Freeland, a former journalist, will now oversee international trade.


Trudeau’s cabinet also includes 2 aboriginal members of parliament and 3 Sikh politicians.

As Trudeau and his family pulled in on a bus for the swearing in ceremony, hundreds of people flocked to witness history being made on large screens set up on the grounds of Rideau Hall.

In this day and age, Justin Trudeau is the kind of leader we all need.