A 31-year-old man from Delhi was recently arrested by the police for posing as an orthopedic surgeon on a dating website and extorting money from a gullible woman. 

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The accused Anand Kumar was arrested with his co-conspirator Priyam Yadav after the police received a complaint from a doctor who was conned by Kumar. 

Anand Kumar created a fake profile on Tinder under the name, Dr. Rohit Gujral who was an orthopedic surgeon by profession. After swiping right, the doctor and Kumar started talking. 

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Kumar promised to marry the doctor and convinced her to transfer Rs. 30,000 into his bank account. He also threatened to leak her private pictures and videos.

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 DCP Anyesh Roy ( Cyber crime branch) disclosed that Kumar used to run an event management firm and was in touch with various aspiring actors.  He further revealed: 

He used the pictures of one of these men to create a fake profiles on various dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and matrimonial sites like Jeevan Saathi, by the name of Dr. Rohit Gujral, claiming to be an orthopedic surgeon. 

During the interrogation, Kumar reportedly told the police that the whole idea of identifying as an orthopedic surgeon came to him after watching Shahid Kapoor’s character in the controversial film, Kabir Singh. 


According to police reports, Kumar had been catfishing people for the past four months. He had conned many women telling them that is mother was severely unwell and undergoing treatment. He’d also somehow convinced them to marry him. 

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Kumar would also obviously dodge video calls and ask the women to send him their private pictures and videos. The police revealed that one woman had gone as far as applying for a loan of 5 lakh rupees, believing this con artist. 

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According to the police, Kumar was traced through his ID and arrested from Lajpat. They also found his associate Priyam Yadav.   

To all the people who thought that a toxic, misguiding movie like Kabir Singh that promotes and justified violence against women ,won’t inspire or fuel anyone to do any harm, hope this incident of crimes against women proves you wrong.