Coronavirus outbreak has brought the entire world to its knees and it's the doctors who are at the forefront of this war.

They are working day in and day out to make sure they can save maximum number of lives, putting their own at risk every day.

doctors working for coronavirus patients
Source: Spiegel

Thanking them for the same, New Zealand cricket captain Kane Williamson wrote an open letter, in which he expressed gratitude to the medics for their bravery.

People talk about the pressure sportsmen and women are under to perform, but the truth is we get to do something we love every day for a living. We play games. Real pressure is working to save lives. Real pressure is going into work each day while putting your own personal safety on the line for the good of others.
Kane WIlliamson thanks doctors during coronavirus
Source: Evening Standard

He also wrote that the people of the country are lucky that the doctors have their backs and that only people with the biggest of hearts can make such a big sacrifice.

We're so grateful you have our backs. It's an enormous responsibility that can only be carried out by the best kind of people: those who put the greater good ahead of all else.  
kane williamson writes a letter for the doctors amid coronavirus spread
Source: New Indian Express

In the end, he wrote that the entire nation is with the doctors and they are not alone in this struggle.

As Blackcaps, we know how amazing it feels to have the support of a country behind you. In that same vein, we need you to know you're not alone. We want you to know that there's a whole country behind you. We will get through this and you are a big reason why.

What a wonderful way to put it.ย 

The open letter was originally published inย NZ Herald.