Earlier this week, Bengaluru’s Karachi Bakery was attacked just because it happened to share its name with a city in Pakistan. 

Assuming it had something to do with Karachi for real, the bakery has been receiving threats to change its name. 

After being the centre of mob violence on Friday, the bakery had to resort to covering the ‘Karachi’ part in its banner.


Worse still, the bakery had to put out an official statement that it has nothing to do with the country at all. 

To guard its legacy, their official Twitter handle said:

And Twitter was in full support of the bakery, condemning the ridiculous mob mentality. 


As of now, 9 men have reportedly been arrested in connection to the attack on Karachi Bakery. Claiming to be social workers, these men were identified through CCTV footage and are currently in police custody.