Push ups during workouts is considered as one of the most significant set of exercises that builds up the muscle. It also in a way reveals the strength of an individual. While some find it difficult, there are others who make it look like a cake walk.

One of them is  KJ Joseph from Kerala who entered the Guinness World Record for most number of knuckle push-ups in a minute. Joseph completed 82 push-ups in one minute. K J Joseph is a Karate Master, who broke an existing record of 79 knuckle push ups in a minute, reports India Today.

However, according to a manorama report, Joseph has not received any official confirmation from Guinness World Record.

Joseph, broke the record at district Town Hall in Ernakulam during a seminar on naturopathy. He already holds the record for 2092 push-ups in a hour, the report adds.

Here’s the video: