Following a meeting between CM B.S. Yediyurappa and the builders, Karnataka state government requested the railways to cancel trains that were supposed to take migrant workers home.

Around 53,000 of these workers were from Bihar alone, reports The Wire.

There was fear among the builders that if a large number of labourers return home, the cost of construction will increase by a huge margin. 

Alarmed because of their financial issues, they asked for a meeting with the CM and assured that they will take care of the migrant workers.

Soon after, the trains were cancelled even as thousands of people ache to go back home. Deccan Herald quoted one of them as saying that he’d rather go back home, even if he has to let go of his salary.

That won’t be an option, however, if the trains are cancelled. A huge section of people has been criticising this move by the government, pointing out how this amounts to slavery.

After the meeting, BS Yediyurappa tweeted that the ministers have been asked to convince the migrant workers to stay back. He also added that the ‘unnecessary travel’ should be avoided.