After the lockdown was extended till 3rd May by PM Modi, many migrant workers have been struggling to find food and shelter as they have lost their jobs. 

But, two brothers from Karanataka’s Kolar have gone out of their way to help those who have lost their livelihoods due to the lockdown. 

Tajamul and Muzamil Pasha sold their 30*40 plot of land, they owned in the town, for 25 lakhs to feed the needy in these crucial times. 

They used the money to purchase groceries and other essentials for the underprivileged. In an interview with Deccan Herald Tajamul Pasha said:

Isolation is key in the fight against COVID-19. Poor people venture outside if they don’t get food. The ideal way to keep them inside their houses is by supplying groceries and food at their doorstep.

Both, Tajamul and Muzamil were left as orphans at a tender age after which, they relocated to Kolar with their grandmother. Later, they gave up their education after Class IV to earn a living.

In those days, they were given a house near the Masjid in Gauripet. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and several others treated them with respect and gave them food when they were struggling and this time it was their turn to attend the call of humanity. 

The Pasha brothers roped in 20 other volunteers and decided to help the poor with groceries and ration. Every day, they buy groceries in bulk and distribute them in ration packets to the needy.

One ration packet contains 10 kgs of rice, 1 kg of all-purpose flour, 2 kgs of wheat, 1 kg of sugar, edible oil, tea powder and spice powders. They also give out a bottle of hand sanitizer and face masks. 

That’s not all though. They have also set up a tent near their residence where they cook food in a community kitchen to serve food to those who are unable to cook in their houses. 

The police have issued passes for all the volunteers so that they can deliver essential items on their bikes. With this, the brothers are aiming to provide three meals to each family member in a day and they will continue to do so till the lockdown ends.

Till now, the Pasha brothers have delivered free groceries to over 2,800 families, covering almost 12,000 people. They have also served food to more than 2,000 people. 

Indeed, a kind gesture. Humanity never fails to shine.