The demonising of anyone against the CAA/NRC has been one of the most common tacticts of the right-wing. By branding anyone even peacefully criticising the bill as anti-national, they build a rhetoric that every dissenter is against the country.

According to The Quint, the kids of class 4-5 and staff of a school in Karnataka are the latest victims, as they are now being harassed by top police officers. They were apparently doing a play that made fun of the CAA.

An FIR was registered against the school in north Karnataka’s Bidar district and they have been booked for sedition, provoking breach of peace and other charges.

The Quint

Shaheen Education Institute CEO Thouseef Madikeri said a deputy superintendent, sub-inspector and others had been visiting the school for the last 3 days and ‘mentally harassing the students and the staff’.

Yesterday, they sealed the control room. Today, they have started interrogating the students of classes 4 and 5. It was staged by five-six students in which they took a jibe at PM Modi. Someone made a video and shared on social media. They are accusing us of spreading communal violence and hatred which will create disturbance in society.
India Today

The complaint said that the school was trying to provoke communal disharmony by spreading fake news about CAA and NPR. Whatever the case might be, police officers interrogating class 4 kids is absolutely ridiculous and not done. The school authorities are now trying to get bail from a local court.