In an incident that can only be described as barbaric, a young engineering student was raped, burnt, and hung from a tree in Raichur, Karnataka. 

Reportedly, she was forced to write a suicide note but now questions have been raised on the nature of her death. 

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As per reports, the half-burnt body of the young girl was found hanging from a tree, three days after she was reported missing by her parents. Reportedly, one of the accused has now been arrested on charges of murder. 

It has been reported that perpetrators tortured her and forced her to write a suicide note stating that she was taking her life due to study backlogs. However, supposedly, her acquaintances claimed that the information was false as she had indeed cleared all her subjects. 

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The shocking incident took place on April 13 and on April 16 her body was discovered in a forest, approximately five km away from her college. The victim’s father filed a police complaint that her death was actually a murder and not a suicide, as was being claimed. 

Locals took out a candle march in her memory. Many people also took to social media to condemn the heinous act and demand justice for the victim, alleging that the woman was actually raped. 

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This is truly a shocking incident and proper investigation must take place.