People all over the country were hoping that Padmaavat’s release will put a full stop to endless controversies surrounding the movie.

But they were wrong. WE were wrong. 

Indian Express

Controversies are not only increasing in number but also becoming uglier with each passing day. 

In one such incident, Karni Sena supporter Suraj Pal Amu, who had earlier offered Rs 10 crore for beheading Deepika Padukone, called NewsX anchor Sanjana Chowhan ‘baby’ during a debate.

He was at the show for a debate after Karni Sena members attacked a school bus in Gurugram while protesting against Padmaavat’s release. 

IB Times

During the course of the show, Amu called Sanjana ‘baby’, and clearly disgusted with the usage of the term, she told him not to.

Agitated by the fact that he was called out for his indecency by a woman and totally missing the point she was trying to make, Amu said that he will neither call her baby, nor sister. 

Sanjana, who showed composure fitting of a news anchor, made some valid points in response. 

She then asked him to apologize, but this is what the Karni Sena supporter had to say:

Twitter was quick to react to the incident, calling out Amu for his hypocritical stand on respecting women. 

Here’s the video of the interview: