Kashmir. A disputed land that has been fought over for half a century. Guns, war and bloodshed have changed the purpose of the place that God intended to be ‘Heaven on Earth’. Man rules over it now and the almighty probably sheds a tear at what he sees down below. Kashmir, you beauty, what has mankind done to you?

Filled with chaos, turmoil, bloodshed and war, here are 10 reasons why you should stay away from Kashmir:

1. There’s a chance of being caught between the crossfire…

Of calming winds and rain.


Of snowfall and raging rivers.


2. You may be blown away…

By the mesmerizing scenery.


3. Your face is in danger…

Of having a huge smile because of the friendly people.

sandeepa chetan/flickr

4. You may fall…

In love with the unreachable mountains.


Head over heels for the beautiful lakes.

Blaine Harrington
Anindya Sankar Dey

5. You will have to hide…

Your excitement after experiencing some amazing cuisine.

Rupali Dean

6. You will be scared…

Of losing yourself amidst the silence.

Steve McCurry

7. You will be shocked…

When you see the efforts of the troops stationed there.


8. You may cry…

When you think you had such a negative impression of such a beautiful place.


9. You will feel the pressure…

Of the great blue sky beckoning you to stay.

Porter Yates

Of the unforgettable sunset that asks you never to leave.


10. And you will definitely be depressed…

When you go home and think about the memories you left behind.

Sylvian Brajuel/flickr

Kashmir is a beautiful place. Yes, it has its problems. But which place doesn’t? When you have a chance to see heaven while you’re alive, don’t miss it. Visit Kashmir.