There have been many reports about the current state of the Aam Aadmi Party. Almost all publications have commented on the loss of AAP’s identity, the expulsion of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav from the Political Affairs Committee and the recent controversy over VIP parking boards .

There has also been traction on the disillusionment of AAP volunteers. A story recently broke of an AAP volunteer from the United Kingdom who demanded that the donations he made to the party be returned. According to Kundan Sharma he donated the iconic Blue WagonR — that Arvind Kejriwal was seen driving around in — to the party in 2013. He has recently asked for it back along with the lakhs of rupees he donated to the party.


Sharma said the only reason he demanded the party return his donations was to portray his disillusionment. “I wanted to express my frustration with the party. If I had raised my concerns as a normal volunteer on social media, no one would take note,” said Sharma.

He claims his intentions were not to get the car or money back, his comments on Twitter were intended to catch the attention of AAP and the media.

Kundan Sharma’s actions symbolise the many hundreds of volunteers who not only donated money but also their time and energy, and are today left disillusioned by this party.

Evidently a “Tata Nano given to Sanjay Singh by Shanti Bhushan was demanded back last week. The party has given it back,” an AAP source said .

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