Arvind Kejriwal’s stern warning that forced Uber and Ola to suspend surge pricing may have faced a lot of flak. But on Wednesday, the Delhi Chief Minister indicated that he had absolutely no intention of changing his stance on the issue. 

On Tuesday, commuters had complained about difficulties in getting taxis during peak hours. And Uber sent this message to users:

“It has never happened before. During the last odd-even, less than 10,000 of our customers were unable to find cabs after opening the app. Today, we are flooded with the messages of ‘no cabs’ from our customers. We are losing customers’ trust. We are trying to bring in more cars by giving incentives to the drivers,” said Gagan Bhatia, general manager of Uber (North) told Hindustan Times. 

“During surge pricing, only the most needy passengers take cabs. When surge pricing is removed, everyone rushes in to book cabs, which automatically limits availability for other customers after some time,” an official from Ola Cabs told the Indian Express

However, this is what Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal responded in a series of tweets: