Dear Mr Kejriwal, Is it true that an RTI request revealed that your electricity bill for your Civil Lines residence was Rs 1.35 lakh for the month of June? I’m not one to pry, but what exactly have you got going on in there? Not long ago, another RTI revealed that your bill for April and May was about Rs 90,000. What’s going on in there, Mr chief minister?

If I’m not mistaken, the prerequisite to becoming head of the Aam Aadmi Party was to behave and live as an aam aadmi. Now I may not know what exactly constitutes an aam aadmi , but I’m quite sure 30 air conditioners in one home does not.

Also, I may be wrong here, but was it not you that made an extraordinary fuss about Sheila Dikshit’s former resident having 31 ACs. I guess it didn’t take long for you to follow in those fateful footsteps.

It is probably not fair to blame you for aspiring to living comfortably. It does get quite hot during this time of the year. Though, I wonder if the auto-wallahs and Delhi slum dwellers are aware just how comfortably you are living. After all, they are your biggest constituency. We wouldn’t want them to lose their faith in you, would we now?

To be honest, I couldn’t care less if you were living in a mansion, with a hundred air conditioners, surrounded by butlers to cater to your every whim. My only concern is that you shouldn’t be a hypocrite about it. There’s no point carrying on with that holier-than-thou rhetoric. We know you sold your soul to the devil that is capitalism.

My only request is that you accept it. Step out of that closet. Come out clean and pronounce yourself an Indian politician — the kind you were always against. We won’t judge you. We will accept you, just like we have accepted every politician before you.

Looking forward to your coming out ceremony. Best wishes, A concerned citizen