If you are a resident of the nation’s capital,  you have been basically been living in a gas chamber for the past few days. We don’t need to remind you that thing are looking really, really bad for Delhi right now. Actually, our capital may have finally earned the dubious distinction of being the most polluted city on earth today.

Understandably, Delhi residents are in a panic mode. Air purifiers and masks are flying off shelves, schools have been declared shut. In a situation like this, the AAP government seems to have taken a strange stance. AAP minister, Kapil Mishra, on Monday invited suggestions from the people on ways to tackle the rising air pollution in the national capital.

He put up an appeal on an online forum saying pollution levels in Delhi have reached a point of being a public “health emergency”, and that he and Delhi Environment Minister Imran Hussain want the public to suggest ways to tackle this problem. 

And the minister was pretty happy with the response : 

While many found the tweet inspiring and were prompt to come up with suggestions.

Others were quick to point out the ‘futility’ of the grand gesture.