Women in India have been smashing stereotypes, taking up strong jobs and permeating into almost every field.

In yet another first, this team of 14 women in Kerala is the only all-women’s team in India responsible for train safety and maintenance of the coaches.


Also known as the ‘L-Team’, where ‘L’ stands for ladies, these 14 women perform critical maintenance procedures and take care of 80 rail coaches to ensure the safety of passengers.


Talking to NDTV, 28-year-old Krishnendu, who happens to be the youngest member of the team, said: 

“Initially I was scared. But with practice, now we are perfect, things have become easier. It was unheard that women alone could handle critical checks for rakes by themselves. But, now that our team is doing it successfully, I am very proud. My family is very proud. Most of us have learnt on the job.”

Sreekala VM, the woman supervising their operations has 12 years of experience in the field and is confident enough of handling this job with her team.

“We are responsible for the safety of passengers. We are responsible for the safety of a train. Everything is checked by us for the rakes we are in-charge of, including the mechanical maintenance side. Inside job, passenger amenities or even the under gear examinations – which are high priority for safety, all are our responsibilities.”

The team has been responsible for this job for two years now and is setting an example for others to follow.