Countries across the world are trying to curb the spread of COVID-19. South Korea happens to be one of those who have successfully flattened the curve. 


The country aggressively tested 440,000 people for the virus, from setting up kiosks to drive thrus. Taking a leaf from their book, Kerala’s Ernakulam district has also introduced 6 walk-in kiosks for coronavirus testing. 


They will be located at each of the four hospitals in the district, which currently have isolation wards and testing facilities for COVID-19. 

This is being used in India most likely for the first time. And this targetting mass screening. This will reduce the need for more PPE kits, and we will be able to test more in less time. This will first start in Kalamassery Medical College. 

-District Collector S Suhas

The News Minute

Called a WISK, this Walk-in Sample Kiosk is a mobile cubicle that will have a sealed glass front and have medical gloves attached in the front. Through the gloves, the medical examiner can collect the samples. After the samples are collected with minimal contact, the gloves will be sanitised from outside. 

Each WISK cubicle costs Rs 40,000. In an hour, we can test around 40-50 samples. This drastically reduces the need for PPE kits and protects the medical practitioner and the patient. If COVID 19 reaches community spread level, we will need at least 20-30 such cubicles for the district.

-Dr Ganesh Mohan of Kalamassery Medical College told NDTV


Kerala seems to be leading the way for India to begin efficient testing. Detecting the cases earlier on will help put a brake on the spreading.