A police officer in Kerala unzipped his trousers in an obscene gesture to intimidate a journalist. The journalist held a photographic evidence of the police officer beating up another individual and refused to give it to him. The journalist got a picture of the cop’s obscene action and spread it through the media.

Mohammed Rafi, the journalist in question, alleged that he was harassed for reporting an incident in which sub-inspectors Shivaprasad and Vimod attacked a person involved in an accident.

Rafi claimed he had pictures of the incident. However, the next day on July 11, the police officers asked Rafi to submit the evidence to them. He refused to do so, to which they retorted with abuse and harassment and eventually the ‘suck it’ gesture.

The Quint

What I am having trouble understanding is how his gesture was a threatening act? Disgusting sure, but threatening? Unless he had a Basilisk in his pants, the only thing this action proved is that the police officer is a perverse and disturbed man.

I believe if I were ever in the same position as Rafi and a man pointed his ‘member’ at me, my immediate reaction would be to point at and laugh. Something like this video below.