An Indian couple from Kerala were in for a surprise recently when they won a Lamborghini car worth ₹ 1.84 crore in a lifestyle competition in the UK.


The couple, Shibu Paul and Linnet Joseph, native of Velloor in Kerala, moved to the UK a year ago.

Initially, the couple lived in Cambridge but the city’s high cost of living prompted them to move to Nottingham. While Linnet works as a staff nurse at a Nottingham hospital, Shibu recently lost his job amid the coronavirus crisis.


He had bought three tickets worth £6-7 each, for ‘Best of the Best’ (BOTB), a dream car and lifestyle competition company.

Speaking to TNIE, Shibu talked about the moment when they received the luxury car. He said:

I had participated three times and I didn’t want to become an addict. Last time, I filled the form and forgot about it completely. My wife was taking a nap after her night shift, and when the doorbell rang, we were greeted with a brand new Lamborghini worth £195,000 and a prize money of £20,000. We are so grateful to god, as we were worried about my job prospects.

There was a cash prize of £20,000 (₹18.94 lakh) too waiting for them in the boot of the car. The couple has decided to take the cash option instead of the car as they are planning to buy a house in Nottingham.