Several schools and universities in India have launched their online study programs so that students can continue their studies amid lockdown. And given the fact that the internet speed in most areas in the country is slow or average, online learning still remains a challenge.


While some of us would take it as an excuse to bunk classes, this Kerala girl is literally scaling new heights by sitting on the roof of her house to attend online classes.

Have a look.

The Hindu

She is Namitha Narayanan, a 5th semester BA English student from Kottakkal, Kerala. And you’ll find her so engrossed in her classes that she hardly cares about the opinion of people around her.

According to a report by The Hindu, after trying all places in her two-storey house, Namitha could only find fairly good signal strength on the roof. So, she decided to make it her study space.


You’ll see her sitting there for hours with an umbrella, which also shields her from rain and sun. She has apparently also broken a few tiles in the process, but that’s not an issue as she has her parents’ full support.

In fact, they provided her with an iron ladder to climb atop, daily.

The Hindu

The family has already approached several data operators for improved connectivity, but in vain.

Now, when online learning is set to be the new normal, it is important that every corner of the country receives internet connectivity.