Do you love football?


But do you love it enough to slip out of your wedding ceremony and play the sport?

Yup, Kerala groom, Ridvan was all set for his wedding day. However, his beloved football team, FIFA Manjeri needed him in a 7s match.


Since, duty called, Ridvan sprung into action and told his bride,

“Excuse me for 5 minutes.”

While he was busy playing a literal match of a lifetime and being key to the team’s victory, people back home weren’t exactly getting a ‘kick’ out what would’ve been the longest 5 minutes of their lives.

Ridvan’s wife was understandably furious and responded saying,

“So if the game was at noon, would you cancel the marriage for the game?”

However, a part of the Twitterverse applauded his dedication and sportsman spirit.

But a true sportsman, it seems like Ridvan’s motto will always be, games before dames, duty before beauty and kicks before chicks.