Journalist and columnist Rana Ayyub on April 6 tweeted screenshots of some of the lewd messages that she was being sent by a man on Facebook.

The man identified as Bincy Lal from Kerala, worked at Alpha Paint in UAE and had sent several vulgar messages to Ayyub.

Shortly after Ayyub tweeted this, the post went viral over the social media. As a consequence of which, the man was not only sacked from his job but also got his visa terminated and will be deported to India shortly.

According to Gulf News, after the human resource department of the company received the complaint, they started investigating him and were able to find those messages in his Facebook chatbox. 

Ayyub, while tweeting about the man’s deportation also said that she will file a complaint against him in Delhi and informed that she was also called by the company’s sister concern to apologise for the behaviour of their staff. 

(Feature image source: Twitter)