It’s not everyday that we hear stories that inspire our compassion and warm our hearts. Well, today IS such a day, and we’ve got a truly heart-warming story for you, as reported by India Today.

A man in Malappuram, Kerala went into a restaurant to get dinner after a long day of work. He’d ordered and it was when his food arrived that he noticed a young pair of eyes looking at him and customers at other tables from outside the window. He gestured for the boy to come in and so he did, accompanied by his sister.

The man asked the children what they wanted to eat and the boy just pointed to the plate on his table. He ordered another plate and waited. The little boy couldn’t contain his excitement and was about to dig in when his sister stopped him to gesture that they should wash their hands first.

They quietly finished the food ordered for them. No words were exchanged, not even smiles. When they finished, they looked at the man, washed their hands and left. Meanwhile, the man hadn’t even begun his meal.

When he was done eating and called for the bill, he was met with a heart-warming gesture from the restaurant’s management. The bill had no amount. Only a message. The message read:

“We don’t have a machine that can bill humanity. May good things happen to you.”

May they, indeed. Our world needs more people like him. It wasn’t just those kids whose day was made from his kind gesture. It was everyone that witnessed it in the restaurant, and everyone that has now read about it. Everyone whose innate humanity he ended up stirring with one small act of goodwill.