Humanity often shines through during tough times. And, this time the story is from Kerala. 

A  medical sergeant from Kerala rode more than 150 kms to deliver medicines to a 4-year-old cancer patient in Alappuzha district. 

Vishnu, set out on a 150 km long journey on his bike during the ongoing lockdown as the 4-year-old girl ran out of medicines.

According to reports, the girl usually goes to the Regional Cancer Centre in Thiruvananthapuram for her monthly check-up but, since the lockdown was announced she was advised to temporarily take medication as the chemo unit was shut down. 

However, the medicines she required weren’t available in her district so, the medical sergeant came to her rescue.

Antony Ratheesh, a civil police officer, in an interview with India Today, said: 

Vishnu (my friend) was getting ready to leave for Thiruvananthapuram (from Alappuzha) for his duty. He had planned to stay there for a week as part of his duty. I told him about the situation and he agreed to help.

The internet hailed him as a ‘hero’ and lauded him for helping out the 4-year-old cancer patient with her medicines. 

In the end, humanity always prevails.