Scientists all over the world have been wracking their brains to invent a technology that can predict earthquakes and tsunamis. However, one man from Kerala feels he can predict the disaster using his “sixth sense”.

Babu Kalayil wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in September, claiming that he has got extra-sensory perception that a earthquake could shake the Indian Ocean in December and trigger a massive tsunami which could affect seven Asian countries, including Pakistan and India, reported The Times Of India.

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Unfortunately, his letter elicited no response from the prime minister and the matter has been laughed off by the Indian media. Obviously so! 

However, our neighbouring Pakistan was paying full heed to the so-called warning and went into a full-fledged panic mode. The illogical prediction of Kalayil, which has no scientific basis what so ever, has sent alarm bells ringing in Pakistan as they have started preparations to deal with the disaster.

Pakistan’s top intelligence agency has reportedly warned the Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Authority (ERRA), the body responsible for disaster management, to take precautionary measures.

ERRA, in turn, in a letter has directed the officials and departments to immediately follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) on the matter. 

After the letter went viral on social media, Pakistan was obviously trolled for its not-so-intelligent move

Well, this only goes on to prove how ill-informed and ignorant our neighbours are!